Date / Time Speaker Affiliations Title
04.03.2020 / 10.00 am Israel Nelken The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
"Stimulus-specific adaptation in the auditory system - more than you wanted to know"
20.12.2019 / 2.00 pm Christine Grienberger Baylor College of Medicine University of Texas, USA
"Mechanisms of experience-dependent computations in the hippocampus"
23.07.2019 / 4.00 pm Israel Nelken The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
"Inhibitory circuits in the supragranular layers of auditory cortex"
14.01.2019 / 5.00 pm Masanobu Kano Department of Neurophysiology University of Tokio
"Molecular, cellular and neural circuit mechanisms of developmental synapse elimination in the cerebellum"
14.12.2018 / 11.00 am Aurel Busche University College London, UK
"Cellular underpinnings of progression in Altzheimer’s disease ­"
30.11.2018 / 11.00 am Carsten Tischbirek California Institute of Technology, USA
"spatial transcriptomics in neuroscience"
29.11.2018 / 5.00 pm Olga Garaschuk Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
"Stable behavioral state-specific mesoscale activity patterns in the developing cortex of neonates"
10.10.2018 / 11.00 am Brian M. Salzberg University of Pennsylvania, USA
"Intrinsic (and Extrinsic) Optical Changes in Mammalian Nerve Terminals"
02.07.2018 / 03.30 pm Kazuo Emoto University of Tokio
"Melecular and cellular basis for dentrite regeneration and regeneration in Drosophila"
14.05.2018 / 04.00 pm Alex Verkhratsky School of Biological Science, University of Manchaster, UK
"Principles of Astrogliapathology"
18.10.2017 / 11.00 am Bernd Kuhn Associate Professor OIST Graduate University, Okinawa, Japan
"Ins and outs of dendritic integration of cerebellar Purkinje neurons in awake mice "
17.10.2017 / 03.00 pm Rachel Wong University of Washington, US
"Diverse mechanisms underlying inhibitory circuit assembly in the retina"
14.08.2017 / 04.00 pm Myeongjeong Choo The University of Tokyo, Japan (Current affiliation: University of Basel)
"BDNF eliminates synapses in the developing cerebellum"
03.07.2017 / 09.30 am Yosi Yarom Hebrew University Jerusalem, Israel
"The use of light to reconstruct an electrically coupled network "
21.03.2017 / 01.00 pm Mark J. Schnitzer Stanford University
"Ensemble neural codes underlying learning and long-term memory"
15.03.2017 / 05.00 pm Tetsuya Hori Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan
"Synaptic vesicle filling with neurotransmitter"
30.01.2017 / 05.00 pm Anant Parekh Oxford University
"Selective activation of transcription factor isoforms by co-incident but spatially segregated calcium microdomains"
16.12.2016 / 05.00 pm Mayank Mehta Department of Neurobiology UCLA, USA
"Dynamics of cortical dendritic membrane potential in freely behaving rats"
15.12.2016 / 05.00 pm Christine Grienberger Janelia Farm Research Campus, USA
"Inhibition enhances spatial coding in CA1 place cells"
04.10.2016 / 5.00 pm Sebastian Karpf Department of Electrical Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
"Spectrally-encoded Two-Photon Imaging at 2kHz frame-rate"
18.07.2016 / 05.00 pm Matthew Larkum Humboldt University, Berlin Neuroscience Research Center
"Dendritic spikes shift the perceptual threshold"
07.06.2016 / 5.00 pm Jeffrey Magee Janelia Research Campus USA
"Generation of mixed feature selectivity in neocortex and hippocampus"
02.06.2016 / 02.00 pm Katja Brose Editor, Neuron, Cell Press
"Publishing in Scientific Journals: A behind the scenes look at the editorial process at Neuron"
18.05.2016 / 05.00 pm Michael S.Fee Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA
"A tale of spikes and tweets- How birds sing."
04.02.2016 / 5.00 pm Uwe Heinemann Neuroscience Research Center Charite Universitaetsmedizin Berlin
"Cholinergic switching between sharp wave ripple and gamma oscillations"
03.12.2015 / 05.00 pm Jean Rossier University Pierre et Marie Curie, 75005 Paris
"On the role of the PeriNeuronal Net (PNN) enveloping Fast Spiking (FS) neocortical interneurons in long-term memory "
26.06.2015 / 5.00 pm Jose Lopez-Barneo Univ. Sevilla Spain
"Cellular and molecular mechanisms of oxygen sensing by arterial chemoreceptors"
27.05.2015 / 5:00 pm Benjamin Grewe James H. Clark Center, Stanford University USA
"Aversive Experiences Transform Amygdala Ensemble Coding during the Formation of Associative Fear Memories"
22.05.2015 / 5:00 pm Masanobo Kano Brain Research Institute University of Tokyo
"Excitation-Inhibition Balance and Developmental Synapse Elimination in the Cerebellum."
19.03.2015/ 05:15 pm Israel Nelken ELSC and the Dept. of Neurobiology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Isarel
"The representation of suprise in auditory cortex"
08.12.2014 / 4.00 pm Tatsuo Sato, MD, Phd Visual Neuroscience University College London
"Probing the function of distal connectivity in visual cortex"
01.10.2014 / 5.00 pm Andreas Bausch TUM, Molecular & Cellular Biophysics
"Cytoskeletal pattern Formation: Self organization of topology"
15.09.2014 / 5.00 pm John Lisman Brandeis University, USA
"Progress in understanding the molecular basis of memory: role of the CaMKII_NMDAR complex in LTP maintenance"
08.08.2014 / 5.00 pm Randy Bruno Columbia University, USA
"The neocortical circuit is two circuits"
01.08.2014 / 04:00 pm Alain Marty / Isabel Llano Laboratoire de Physiologie Cérébrale, Université Paris, France
"Studying single synapses with electrophysiological and optical methods" / "mGluR signaling in cerebellar interneurons"
04.07.2014 / 04:00 pm Christiaan PJ de Kock VU University Amsterdam
"Structure-function relationships of pyramidal neurons in rat and human cortex"
10.06.2014 / 05:00 pm Zoltan Nusser Laboratory of Cellular Neurophysiology, Institute of Experimental Medicine, Hungary
"Molecular, functional and structural heterogeneity of central synapses "
31.03.2014 / 05:00 pm Alexander Büll Magdalene College University of Cambridge, UK
"Recent insight into the mechanism of aggregation of peptides and proteins in Alzheimer´s and Parkinson´s disease"
07.03.2014 / 11:00 am Gil Westmeyer Department of Nuclear Imaging - TUM Institute for Biological and Medical Imaging & Institute of Developmental Genetics - Helmholtz Zentrum München
"Non-invasive Molecular Neuroimaging"
13.02.2014 / 09:30 am Stephan Sigrist FU Berlin and Charite Berlin
"The life of presynaptic active zones"
30.09.2013 / 05:00 pm Nicholas Priebe The University of Texas at Austin
"Exploring the private lives of neurons"
24.09.2013 / 02:00 pm Winrich Freiwald Laboratory of Neural Systems, The Rockefeller University New York
"Faces, Attention, and the Temporal Lobe"
16.09.2013 / 11:00 am Olga Garaschuk Eberhard Karls Universitaet Tuebingen
"Impairment of in vivo calcium signaling in amyloid plaque-associated microglia"
12.06.2013 / 01:30 pm Matthias Kneussel Zentrum für Molekulare Neurobiologie (ZMNH) Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf
"Transport and Trafficking of Synaptic Proteins underlying Plasticity, Learning and Memory"
29.05.2013 / 11:00 am Fabiana Perocchi Gene Center Munich, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich
"Functional genomics of mitochondrial calcium signaling"
25.04.2013 / 09:00 am Johann Bollmann MPI for Medical Research, Heidellberg
"Neural substrates of visual motion processing in the zebrafish"
19.04.2013 / 05:00 pm Alexey Semyanov RIKEN Brain Science Institute (BSI), Japan
"NMDA receptor mediate retrograde signalling and extrasynaptic plasticity in hippocampus"
11.04.2013 / 05:00 pm Benjamin Odermatt Anatomical Institute University of Bonn
"Encoding of luminance in a population of retinal synapses in the zebrafish"
20.03.2013 / 05:00 pm Inna Slutsky Tel Aviv University, Israel
"Hippocampal plasticity: From amyloid-beta production to synaptic dynamics"
07.03.2013 / 10:00 am Jeannette Osterloh Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Dept of Neurobiology, Univ. Mass. Medical School
"dSarm/Sarm1 is required for a novel axon death pathway"
28.02.2013 / 10:00 am Peter Brophy Centre for Neuroregeneration, University of Edinburgh
"Assembly of axonal domains that promote rapid nerve conduction"
08.02.2013 / 05:00 pm Moritz Helmstaedter Max-Planck-Institut für Neurobiologie, Martinsried
"Connectomics: The dense reconstruction of neural circuits"
01.02.2013 / 05:15 pm Olga Garaschuk Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
"Rapid integration of adult born juxtaglomerular neurons into the signal-processing circuitry of the mouse olfactory bulb"
09.11.2012 / 01:00 pm Christian Lohmann Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience
"How Spontaneous Activity Wires the Developing Brain prior to Experience"
27.09.2012 / 04:00 pm Heinz Beck Life and Brian Center Experimental Epileptology and Cognition Research University of Bonn Medical Center
"Dendritic computation in hippocampal neurons"
11.09.2012 / 05:00 pm Carl Petersen Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Schweiz
"Membrane potential correlates of sensory perception"
27.01.2012 / 05:00 pm Rudi Vennekens Catholic University Leuven, Belgium
"Transient Receptor Potential Ion Channels: novel plaxers in synaptic plasticity"
14.10.2011 / 05:15 pm José López-Barneo University of Sevilla, Spain
"Neuroprotection and cell therapy in Parkinson disease"
30.09.2011 / 05:00 pm Kisvárday Zoltán University of Debrecen, Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology
"Three-tiered architecture of lateral connections in the primary visual cortex"
02.09.2011 / 05:00 pm Stefano Vicini Department of Physiology and Biophysics, Georgetown University School of Medicine
"GABAERGIC control of striatal output"
01.09.2011 / 02:00 pm Rhonda Dzakpasu Georgetown University
"Altering the balance between excitation and inhibition within in vitro neural networks"
07.07.2011 / 04:00 pm David Kleinfeld University of California, San Diego
"The Nature of Blood Flow in Cortex Revealed by Imaging and Manipulation with Light"
30.06.2011 / 05:00 pm György Buzsáki Center for Molecular und Behavioral Neuroscience, Rutgers University
"Oscillations organize cell assemblies"
10.06.2011 / 5:00 pm David Fitzpatrick Max Planck Florida Institute
"Visual experience and the development of cortical direction selectivity"
17.05.2011 / 05:00 pm Oren Schuldiner Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
"Sculpting the nervous system: Nuclear receptors shape connections by controlling degeneration and regeneration during development"
16.05.2011 / 05:00 pm Hanna and Itzhak Parnas Hebrew University Jerusalem
"A novel fast mechanism for GPCR-mediated signal transduction-control of neurotransmitter release"
10.05.2011/ 05:00 pm Michael Myoga Wade Regehr Lab, Harvard Medical Scholl
"Calcium Microdomains Near R-Type Calcium Channels Control Presynaptic LTP in the Cerebellum"
11.04.2011 / 05:00 pm Antoine Triller Biologie Cellulaire de la Synapse, IBENS, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Inserm U1024, CNRS UMR8197, Paris, France.
"Tuning of inhibitory receptor diffusion dynamics regulates synaptic strength"
25.03.2011 / 05:00 pm Jan Schnupp University of Oxford; Dept. of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics
"Neural representations of sound frequency and musical pitch (or: why everything you thought you knew about the auditory system is wrong)."
21.03.2011 / 05:00pm Stephen J Smith Dept. of Molecular and Cellular Physiology, Stanford University School of Medicine
"Proteomic imaging of neural circuit molecular architecture: the synaptome meets the connectome"
25.02.2011 / 05:00 pm Daniel Choquet CNRS, Institut François Magendie, Bordeaux, France
"The interplay between AMPAR function and nanoscale trafficking"
08.02.2011 / 5.00 pm Chao-Hua Huang Max Planck Institute for biophysical chemistry, Göttingen
"The mechanisms underlying synaptic transmission at the layer 4 of sensory cortical areas"
22.10.2010 / 05:00 pm Hansjürgen Dahmen Faculty of Biology - Cognitive Neuroscience Unit - University of Tübingen
"Spherical treadmills and virtual environments for rodents"
19.10.2010 / 05:00 pm Jason M. Christie Max Planck Florida Institute
"Calcium-dependent modulation of release by somatic depolarization"
06.10.2010 / 05:15 pm Masanobu Kano Tokyo University, Japan
"Activity-dependent maturation of climbing fiber to Purkinje cell synapses during postnatal cerebellar development"
13.09.2010 / 05:00 pm Simon Rumpel Research Institute of Molecular Pathology Vienna
"Dynamics of mouse auditory cortex"
03.09.2010 / 9:00 am Martin Meyer MRC Centre, Kings College London
"Synapse formation, function and development of the retinotectal projection."
27.01.2010 Karel Svoboda Janelia Farm Research Campus Howard Hughes Medical Institute USA
"The cortical circuits underlying vibrissa-based somatosensation"
06.11.2009 / 05:00 pm Tadaharu Tsumoto Laboratory for Cortical Circuit Plasticity Brain Science Institute,RIKEN,Japan
"Difference in response properties and plasticity between GABAergic and excitatory neurons in visual cortex, as revealed by two-photon functional calcium imaging in transgenic mice"
28.09.2009 / 05:00 pm Melike Lakadamyali Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology (Lichtman lab) Harvard University, Cambridge
"From real -time imaging of viral infections to ultra-resolution fluorescence imaging of neurons: What can fluorescence microscopy teach us about biology?"
24.08.2009 / 05:00 pm Eric Schmidt Nat Heintz lab, Rockefeller University
"Translational profiling of pyramidal cell populations in the cortex"
14.08.2009 / 05:00 pm Devid Damiani Istituto di Neuroscienze del CNR, Pisa/ Italy
"Morphological alterations in retinal neurons in paradigms of inherited retinal degenerations"
03.08.2009 / 05:00 pm Rachida Ammari INMED (INSERM U901 Marseille)
"Long lasting excitations evoked by the subthalamic nucleus in the basal ganglia: mechanisms, modulation by dopaminergic transmission and possible implications in physiological state and Parkison`s disease"
22.06.2009 / 03:00 pm Vasilis Ntziachristos Helmholtz Institut München
"Revolutionizing biomedical discovery with next generation photonic imaging"
15.06.2009 / 5:00 pm Yishai Elyada Max Planck Institut of Neurobiology, Martinsried
"Different receptive fields in dendrides and axons underlie robust coding of visual motion in the bowfluy"
29.05.2009 / 5:00 pm Yi Zuo UCSC
"In vivo imaging of structural plasticity at synapses (seminar of SFB596)"
25.05.2009 / 5:00 pm Marcel Oberlaender Max Planck Institut of Neurobiology, Martinsried
"Automated acquisition of quantitative neuron anatomy for reconstruction of large"in siloco" networks"
20.05.2009 / 12:30 pm Sam Young MPI Goettingen, Neher lab
"Using novel adenoviral vectors at the calyx of Held synapse to study synaptotagmin function reveals synaptotagmin has an essential role in synaptic vesicle positioning for synchronous release"
18.05.2009 / 05:00 pm Fekrije Selimi Universite M.Curie Paris
"Unraveling sysnapse specificity using genetically modified mice"
30.04.2009 / 05:00 pm Dan Hill University of California, San Diego
"Cortical control and biomechanics of whisking behavior in rat"
20.04.2009 / 05:00 pm Daniel Kerschensteiner Washington University School of Medicine
"Activity-dependent assembly of parallel circuits in the retina and beyond"
15.12.2008 / 05:00 pm Ranulfo Romo Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
"Neuronal correlates of subjective sensory experience"
08.12.2008 / 09:30 am Tobias Dick Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum Heidelberg
"The emerging role of reversible protein oxidation in cellular signaling and regulation"