Friedrich Schiedel (1913-2001)

After a long fulfilled and successful life as a entrepreneur, Friedrich Schiedel, senator of honour of the TU Munich and one of its most generous patrons, died on the 28th of March 2001 at the age of 88.


Friedrich Schiedel

One year after World War II Friedrich Schiedel founded his enterprise without any resourses, as he often proudly recounted, with a borrowed shovel and a rented machine. Starting from zero and using his spirit of innovation, his charisma, his farsightedness and his ability to motivate co-workers, in a short period of time he established Europes leading company in the production of fireplace systems. This company nowadays maintains plants in Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and the Czech Republic.

In the 1960th and 1970th Schiedel already recognized the importance of a symbiosis between science and research on the one hand and economy on the other hand; therefore he sought an intensive collaboration with the university. In his endeavour to obtain utilisable results in the field of fluerics for his enterprise, he supported the ongoing research activities of the Insitute for House Technology of the TUM. As the institute had no accomodation for the Schiedel projects, he built and institute with the necessary rooms and research facilities and left it to the TUM. Today still the facilities in Dachau are available for the Insitutute of House Technology.

Inspite of his entrepreneurial success senator of honour Schiedel never lost sight of the public welfare. Already in 1982 he brought the Friedrich Schiedel Foundation for power engineering and the Friedrich Schiedel literature prize of the town Bad Wurzach into being. The establishment of the Friedrich Schiedel Foundation in Munich, which attends to the promotion of science and research and the furtherance of social tasks, followed in 1986; and in 1999 the foundation Science Prize for the history of Oberschwaben.

Among other things every other year these foundations award highly endowed prizes for the distinction of a literary work, which offers access to historical events to a large public in a demanding manner. Also they offer prizes for the commendation of personalities who have internationally rendered outstanding services for the history research of the region Oberschwaben. Furthermore there is generous support for the construction of social facilities, especially for nursery schools, in his home region in Allgaeu.

The projects, which were supported by Friedrich Schiedel personally and by the Friedrich Schiedel Foundation, are of particular importance for the TUM. In the last few years a total of approximately 3,5 million DM have been invested in the TU research projects in the fields of architecture, construction engineering, mechanical engineering, medicine and nutritional sciences.

One of Schiedels projects, which concerned him in particular, was the new TUM nursery school. Its construction could not have been started without his generous support; its inauguration is soon to follow.

His entrepreneurial activity, his engagement for science and research and the public welfare have known large acknowledgement, as through the conferment of the Federal Cross of Merit 1. class of the Order of Merit of the German Federal Republic, the Great Decoration of Merits for the Austrian Republic, the Bavarian Order of Merit and the Medal of Merit of Baden-Wuerttenberg.

With senator of honour Schiedel the TUM loses a generous promoter and patron in the best sense of the word. The TUM will always keep senator of honour Schiedel in honouring memory.

Dietrich von Buttlar

The Technical University Munich mourns for its highly treasured friend and patron, senator of honour Friedrich Schiedel. Senator Schiedel generously supported the TUM both ideally and financially for many years, especially in the fields of the medical and the natural sciences research. He also got involved in the promotion of young researchers and of social interests. In a few months we will turn over the Friedrich Schiebel nursery school of the TUM to its designation. He financed this nursery school from foundation and private funds. Senator Schiedel rendered outstanding services to the Technical University Munich. He stays with us in our honouring thoughts.

Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann, Praesident der TUM